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workplace needs.
Founded in 1966, Hamilton manufactures casework. But we do so much more. For customers, designers and architects looking for long term workspace solutions, Hamilton Casework Solutions is dedicated to providing custom-tailored modular casework that meets specific needs and delivers a perfect fit, every time. The HAMILTON expert team provides guidance and support through every step of the process:
  Initial Consultation
  Professional Design
  Product Manufacturing
  Experienced Install
  After Sale Install
We have particular experience and expertise in the following applications:
From Hamilton Pharmacy systems to front-of-house employee lockers to corporate mailrooms, Hamilton Casework Solutions installations combine the look and flexibility of hand-crafted furnishings with the precision and sustainability of modern manufacturing. Modular casework components are easily reconfigured and repurposed as your needs change. Our Lifetime Guarantee is your assurance that HAMILTON is committed to the quality and success of your project.
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Meet the team.
Jason Morris
Jason Morris started working in the HAMILTON plant at age 20. In one year, he acquired the management and organizational skills to advance to Team Leader of Modular Casework/Mailroom. But he wanted more. When he made the decision to go to college, the company was right there with him. "I had always been interested in the IT field and had been thinking about going back to school for a long time," says Jason. "I just finally decided that I needed to stop thinking about it and get to it."  
Jason enrolled in a 2-1/2 year hybrid program at Cincinnati State which combines online and campus instruction. Some semesters he took as many as four classes while maintaining a 40 hour/week work schedule. It was not unusual for Jason to finish homework at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning before a work day. HAMILTON management was very accommodating to his demanding schedule. "There were times when I had to leave at 2:30 in the afternoon to make a class and then come back to work," says Jason. "HAMILTON was very lenient as long as I finished what needed to be done."  
HAMILTON's Custom Capabilities
  Incorporating a grand gesture in the two-story lobby of the new Health Sciences Center was important to Sinclair College, the architect and the building's major sponsor Premier Health (see new Case Study). At the same time, they wanted to provide an engaging environment for students to study and gather. HAMILTON collaborated with the architect to construct custom benches in cozy spaces throughout the building — in lobby corners, outside of classrooms and in hallways that fulfilled both objectives.