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We solve
workplace needs.
Founded in 1966, Hamilton manufactures casework. But we do so much more. For customers, designers and architects looking for long term workspace solutions, Hamilton Casework Solutions is dedicated to providing custom-tailored modular casework that meets specific needs and delivers a perfect fit, every time. The HAMILTON expert team provides guidance and support through every step of the process:
  Initial Consultation
  Professional Design
  Product Manufacturing
  Experienced Install
  After Sale Install
We have particular experience and expertise in the following applications:
From Hamilton Pharmacy systems to front-of-house employee lockers to corporate mailrooms, Hamilton Casework Solutions installations combine the look and flexibility of hand-crafted furnishings with the precision and sustainability of modern manufacturing. Modular casework components are easily reconfigured and repurposed as your needs change. Our Lifetime Guarantee is your assurance that HAMILTON is committed to the quality and success of your project.
Meet the team.
Sarah Tiemeyer
Sarah is a member of the wave of bright new talent recently hired by HAMILTON. She was introduced to HAMILTON work and culture in 2014 as a University of Cincinnati DAAP pre-Junior co-op majoring in industrial design. This co-op position was her third assignment of five while still a student. When HAMILTON offered her a position right after graduation, she immediately accepted.  
Sarah identified three factors that made here co-op experience at HAMILTON so positive:  
1. Team Approach
"I was nervous that first day because I did not know what to expect," says Sarah. "Everyone was so friendly! At that time, Revit was new to me. Normally I would have felt enormous pressure, but at HAMILTON it's not just you. There is a team of people and someone is always available to help if you need it."
2. Active Mentoring
"I was given meaningful work and received daily feedback. I was not left to my own devices. I had been in co-op situations where I did not find out that I was doing something wrong until the evaluation at the end. At HAMILTON, I received the guidance I needed to do well. Even now, if I have any questions, I know that I can ask April or Shereen."
3. Practical Application
"With the factory floor right next door, I learned a lot about manufacturing. If I'm wondering whether something I've designed will work, it's so easy to ask engineering or just look at how it's built."
Hamilton Casework Solutions
We Solve Workplace Needs
Spending Strategies
  Maximize your budget by combining standard and custom components. All of the casework featured in the storage wall above, except our tailor-made library ladder, were speced through HAMILTON's standard line. HAMILTON's flexible manufacturing capabilities allow you to mix custom pieces with our standard line to create the perfect fit.