Jason Morris
Jason Morris started working in the HAMILTON plant at age 20. In one year, he had acquired the management and organizational skills to advance to Team Leader of Modular Casework/Mailroom. But he wanted more. When he made the decision to go to college, the company was right there with him. "I had always been interested in the IT field and had been thinking about going back to school for a long time," says Jason. "I just finally decided that I needed to stop thinking about it and get to it."

Jason enrolled in a 2-1/2 year hybrid program at Cincinnati State which combines online and campus instruction. Some semesters he took as many as four classes while maintaining a 40 hour/week work schedule. It was not unusual for Jason to finish homework at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning before a work day. HAMILTON management was very accommodating to his demanding schedule. "There were times when I had to leave at 2:30 in the afternoon to make a class and then come back to work," says Jason. "HAMILTON was very lenient as long as I finished what needed to be done."

When his education called for a co-op experience, HAMILTON Director of Operations Earl Crawford had an idea: "Why don’t you just stay here?" Earl set up a schedule allowing Jason to work half days in the plant and half in the office. While in the office, Jason completed computer projects for the IT Department. "I really like that you are not pigeon-holed into one role at HAMILTON," says Jason. "if you want them, there are a lot of opportunities available." After graduation, HAMILTON offered him a full-time position in IT.

"When I first started at HAMILTON, it was just a job. But we are so close here, it feels more like family," says Jason. "And we have good talent coming in – the designers, the engineers, the new assemblers. It’s so exciting to be a part of a growing company with opportunities for everyone."

Jason still gets a charge out of the challenges and rewards of his new position. "The IT field is constantly changing and I am always learning something new. I love it! It’s definitely something that I enjoy doing!"

"An employee like Jason brings a lot of value to the company," says HAMILTON General Manger Brad Quick. "We are going to do everything we can to support and encourage quality people like Jason to achieve their personal goals."

Although HAMILTON has experienced tremendous growth, it has preserved the family culture that impressed Jason when he started in the plant. "Five years ago, I could not have predicted this path for myself," he says. "My advice to anyone out there is to work hard to achieve what you want. It’s worth it in the end!"

Hamilton Casework Solutions
Sarah Tiemeyer
Sarah is a member of the wave of bright new talent recently hired by HAMILTON. She was introduced to HAMILTON work and culture in 2014 as a University of Cincinnati DAAP pre-Junior co-op majoring in industrial design. This co-op position was her third assignment of five while still a student. When HAMILTON offered her a position right after graduation, she immediately accepted.

Sarah identified three factors that made here co-op experience at HAMILTON so positive:
1. Team Approach  
“I was nervous that first day because I did not know what to expect,” says Sarah. “Everyone was so friendly! At that time, Revit was new to me. Normally I would have felt enormous pressure, but at HAMILTON it’s not just you. There is a team of people and someone is always available to help if you need it.”  
2. Active Mentoring  
“I was given meaningful work and received daily feedback. I was not left to my own devices. I had been in co-op situations where I did not find out that I was doing something wrong until the evaluation at the end. At HAMILTON, I received the guidance I needed to do well. Even now, if I have any questions, I know that I can ask April or Shereen.”  
3. Practical Application  
“With the factory floor right next door, I learned a lot about manufacturing. If I’m wondering whether something I’ve designed will work, it’s so easy to ask engineering or just look at how it’s built.”  
Sarah’s semester abroad in Wuppertal, Germany taught her the value of research and practical application in design. Sarah was one of 13 DAAP students sponsored by the German men’s grooming manufacturer Braun for the study and work abroad program. “In Germany, they have a very different view on design. You can design something, but can it be made? That is the important question.”

Now as a full member of the Hamilton team, Sarah says there are no typical days at work. One day she may be creating drawings for a customer, the next she might be pricing a project in Excel. She is thrilled to be working on a nurse’s station and reception desk design for a proposal for Kuwait. “We are trying to match the intentions of the architect and interior designer with our design. I love the idea that my work might part of a hospital on the other side of the world!”

"This is such an exciting time at the company! Everything at HAMILTON is growing and there are so many possibilities. There are going to be great opportunities for everyone!"
Q & A with Sarah
  Why did you choose HAMILTON for your co-op and your first professional job after graduation?  
  I chose HAMILTON because I wanted to try something new. For my first two co-ops, I was exploring packaging design and although I liked that field I wanted to design something that would be permanent and have a longer life cycle. I also was looking for co-ops in the Cincinnati area and at the time I was very interested in furniture design. I thought that HAMILTON would teach me more about the construction end and give me a glimpse into the industry. I chose to come back because I wanted to get in my field quickly and I loved working for April while I was on co-op. I also wanted to come back when April told me how HAMILTON was growing and the interesting projects that we have ahead of us.  
  How did you hear about the job opening at HAMILTON?  
April approached me at DAAPWORKS, where my capstone project was displayed, and asked me if I would be interested in coming back — which I think is pretty cool and it was lucky she saw me there!
  Who are your favorite designers?  
  My favorite designers are Ettore Sottsass, Marcel Wanders and Sam Hecht.